What is ShopCircuit?
ShopCircuit is a headless eCommerce platform that specialises in the needs of online shop owners with various backgrounds. We aim at automating all procedures as far as possible so that your online stores can run on as little manual work as possible. This allows you to focus your resources on user experience and customer support instead.
Who can use ShopCircuit?
If you want to sell something online, you‘ve come to the right place. We work with big, small and medium sized online businesses.
Do you sell stuff yourself?
No. We are not a storefront ourselves. We made a system in which you can bring your shop online and start selling to your existing customers or find new ones worldwide.
Can I get a free trial before I purchase?
Yes, we charge you only when you start selling and get paid from your customer. You have a month to set up the shop and sell.
How do I get in contact with ShopCircuit?
There are different ways to get connected with us. The easiest way is through chat dialog in your dashboard if you are a customer. Other ways are e-mail or the contact form in ShopCircuit Website.
Should I know Coding or UI Design to start a shop?
No, there are 3 ways to set up or design your front store. First, you can use the default storefront which is ready to use and can easily guide your customer. Second, you can hire our UI designer and frontend developer to design and develop your storefront. Third, you can hire any designer or frontend developer on your own and use the API from the documents.
Can I use my own domain name with ShopCircuit?
Yes, you should ask our customer support to guide you on how to set the domain and DNS together.
How can I make money online with your system?
There are two ways to make money online on ShopCircuit. First, if you are a local shop owner you can just start selling your products not only to your local customers but also worldwide. Second, if you are new to selling goodies you can plan on selling to local customers to begin with.