One headless software

To support your entire e-commerce business.

Single backend to manage any number of storefronts, apps and more.

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One headless software

What can you do with ShopCircuit?

Create a shop in several minutes without back-end coding.

Integrate ShopCircuit with any website storefront you already have.

Start selling your products on multiple platforms.

Who is it for?


Open for new technical solutions.

Web agencies

Offer e-commerce solutions to your clients.

Shop owners

Sell on multiple channels and reduce e-commerce development costs.

Less effort and management time spent

We take performance seriously. Reducing the number of steps you have to do while managing a store, will impact your business in the long run. That's why we created a platform where a simple click replaces series of repetitive actions.

If you want to save time, organize better & sell more.