Why ShopCircuit?

It‘s more than just a place to sell on

ShopCircuit exists to be used as an eCommerce platform where you can sell your goods with confidence

ShopCircuit partnership

We‘ve always got your back

You‘ll never need to doubt your brand with our support. We stay in close contact with you to make sure your online store is running smoothly and the way you want it to. Our advice is well-researched and come from experts.

Benefit from ever-evolving, quality rich features

A straightforward dashboard

ShopCircuit‘s dashboard is easy to use with a simple, clean interface and it‘s designed to uncomplicate your workflow.

Loads of options for Product Catalogs

With Bulk editing, you can edit products and their variants from your dashboard. Catalog management gives you the possibility to edit and add products, categories, collections, brands, sales, products attributes and types to your hearts desire.

Painless Content Management

ShopCiruit‘s CMS is highly multi-functional. You can automatically translate the content on your online store to another language,create custom content for your webiste, make text sliders, cool visuals and add photos. You can put shop content wherever you need it to be, attach products and categories, sales or basically anything else as long as it is listed in your webshop.

A straightforward dashboard
A straightforward dashboard

Get your whole team online

For those eCommerce entrepeneurs with lots of staff, we have an option where your whole team can get involved on your online store. You can give individual staff members custom job roles eg. “manager”, “stock manager”, “SEO” etc. and also give them access to work on the online store from their user account.

Simple Order Management

Stay on top of all your orders by categorizing them. *Orders will have activity history (w. notifcations eg if someone buys/orders) * custom stages of orders (order funnel) defined by owner. to suit your workflow. order statusses are your own

Manage multiple shops with the same catalog or database

If you want to have more than one online shop, you can do that (thanks to our headless technology) and still have them accessable on the same platform. You can manage and create all your online stores all from one place, your control centre, so to speak.

Payment service possibilities

Your online shoppers have lots of options when it comes to paying for their goods. They can pay with the following payment systems:


Stripe is trusted by loads of platforms, including big names like Booking.com, Uber and kickstarter. Their mission is to increase the GDP of the internet, in which they have our full support.


A swiss company because we like to support locally (-; They support pretty much any kind of financial partner including Apple pay,Paypal and Twint.

Bank transfer

This one speaks for itself. If your shoppers prefer this option, they have it available to them.

Keep your eyes peeled for more payment systems in the future. (:

A straightforward dashboard

Manage your warehouse data

You can easily keep track of addresses and shipping zones and your orders are automatically selected from warehouses and thus booked correctly. Our system supports multi-warehouse inventory management, so you could keep track of inventory in all your warehouses, wherever they may be

Simple Shipping

Getting your customer‘s packages to them can be a pain, we know. To make it less stressful for you, the user interface is simple and you can manage multiple shipping zones right from your dashboard.

Publish blogposts

Write, edit and publish blog posts with all the bells and whistles you want. Add photos, create tags, define content, attach products,categories and sales and then, of course, make it all look pretty.

Manage your warehouse data
A straightforward dashboard

Write and send newsletters

Keep your customers informed about your brand by sending newsletters directly from your dashboard powered by Mailchimp or Sendinblue. To make things even easier, you can store and collect newsletter subscriber data on your shop which reduces your manual work.

Configure Tax directly on your store

Dont sweat it. Tax definition is made easy with ShopCircuit. Define multiple tax categories right from dashboard, there‘s no need to research and manually input tax data.

Work directly with our developers and professionals

We‘ll make your storefront with you, the way you like it.

Our eCommerce software is headless, which means that the backend and the frontend are seperate. When you get started with ShopCircuit, you need to get your frontend (a.k.a storefront) developed. To get this done, you could employ your own frontend developer if you want to. We recommend using our developers do to this, though. Not because we are baised (; but because we know our systems the best.

Transparency is a big deal

You‘ll never pay for what you don‘t use. We don‘t charge any hidden fees or keep features locked from you. If you choose ShopCircuit, you‘ll have access to everything we offer and only pay what is laid out on this pricing page.We see it as our responsibility to always let you know about any additional costs for connected systems (like payment services e.g. stripe). Our methodology is deeply rooted in transparency.