This is what our team has been up to: September 2020

This is what our team has been up to: September 2020

ShopCircuit webshop software has only gotten better in September, and here is why.

  1. Variants Anker
  2. Active and non-active components
  3. Data importer feature prototype
  4. Bugfixes


You can now thoroughly show off all your color options, sizes, and other product variations to your online shoppers with Shopcircuit. Our product variation and product attribute features are now fully functional and ready to use for future Shopcircuit webshop owners.

If you‘re not too clear on what product variants and product attributes are, here is a short explanation.

Product attributes:

Product attributes refer to the components, ingredients, or actual information about the product you are selling on your webshop. Many popular attributes for selling food online are, for example, flavor and volume. Other examples of attributes for products could be material, safety score, quantity, scent, etc. If you want to know more about product attributes, check out this post.

Product variants:

Product variants are the particularities of the products you are selling to your customers online. Say, if a shoe comes in different sizes or sole shapes but is still under the same product. Or, if a sweater is sold in a variety of different colors or perhaps also sold in men‘s and women's styles. If you want to know more about product attributes, check out this post.

Active and non-active components

From the Shopcircuit shopkeeping dashboard, you can now make products, collections, or whole categories active or inactive. This is great if you only want your online customers to see what you have in stock or you can use this feature to pre-create collections, products, or categories to activate when they are available on your webstore.

Data importer feature prototype

This feature is to be a solution that solves database export from existing webshops to switch over to Shopcircuit. With a simple export solution, we would be able to fulfill our aim to make your Shopcircuit experience seamless and worry-free while saving a great deal of time and manual work when switching from one shop system or webshop software to another.


Surprise, surprise, we crushed some more bugs. These bugs were related to cache. We have a cache server for performance and users are getting data from this cache server, so it's basically a layer between the server and the users. If the data in the database is updated, it should be updated on the cache server too, otherwise, users would see the old data. This issue appeared and we fixed it swiftly.

That‘s it for September! Thank you for stopping by to check out our progress with Shopcircuit.

If you are not sure about what Shopcircuit is, we are a team of web developers who believe in good quality, custom eCommerce solutions without the bs. Feel free to check Shopcircuit out under our homepage, and don‘t forget to check out our features either.