This is what our team has been up to: June 2020

This is what our team has been up to: June 2020

It is already a year’s half! Another month has passed and our developers have worked hard on our software, as always. We are thankful for the diligence of our team these past six months and we are, of course, incredibly thankful for our customers who appreciate our labor.


  1. Multi warehouse and currency features
  2. A rocky performance process and how we fixed it
  3. Customization features to come

Here’s a quick summary of what sorcery we have been performing in June 2020:

1. Multi-warehouse and currency features

Our multi-warehouse and currency features, as we mentioned have been in development last month, are ripe and ready. We have proved them in our testing environment and it has proven successful. It will be deployed on production for customers to use next month, namely July 2020.

Multi-warehouse features include:

  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Management of products in different shopping zones and warehouses

2. A rocky performance process and how we fixed it:

During development, we encountered some performance issues with these new features in regards to the number of database queries performed by our system. We fixed this by introducing data loaders, reducing the number of individual queries to the database from 100 to 2, which lead to a performance boost of almost 10 fold.

Refer to the screenshots below to see our success in performance increase:

Before the use of data loaders:

After we’ve included data loaders:

3. Customisation features to come:

  • A new customization feature will be implemented for you to fully construct and define a custom nested navigation on your online store.
  • Nested navigation means to render a navigator within another screen of a navigator. See for a physical example. Our goal is for you to fully maximize your sales and allow for further customization.
  • You can now define fields you want to display on your online store and add data blocks with the same fields without having to do more manual maintenance, all through content lists. It will be available in the headless CMS. It is great for creating lists easily and quickly and of course, for embedding content.

As always, a heartfelt thank you to you, our customers, for being interested in our work! Stay tuned on our social media (Facebook and Linkedin ) and right here on our monthly update blogposts to not miss out on what‘s going on behind-the-scenes at Shopcircuit and Pyango GMBH.