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This is what our team has been up to: July 2020

This is what our team has been up to: July 2020

Nice to see that you are back to read another one of our monthly updates! It has been an active summer for Shopcircuit, so read on for the sweet fruits our team has produced this fruitful month of July.


  1. We released a new version of ShopCircuit
  2. Technical updates on performance and usability
  3. The bugs we squished this month
  4. What we will be up to next
First up, we would like to inform you of what we have accomplished this month.

1. We released a new version of ShopCircuit

With this version of ShopCircuit, our users will enjoy a new user interface dashboard along with a snazzy new storefront look. See more details below of the specific updates we have made to the storefront.

Product tags


Product tags will allow you to update products on your online store to visually show when they are on sale, new on your virtual shelves or simply sold out (since it's the hottest bestseller you've got ).

Featured Products on the dashboard

With this new update, you could feature specific products on your webshop. You may want to feature things like special edition products, bestsellers, or products with the best reviews.

Product photos

Your online shoppers can now see products from all sides or on different models with various body shapes in one window. Once your customers click on your product‘s photo, they will see a slider underneath the main picture where other photos of the same product can be shown.

Country-specific information

Your online customers can now change their country, to get country-specific information on your shop. This may include taxes and/or warehouse information. What you see in the visual above, is now shown in the top right corner of your online shop.

2. Along with these new aesthetic updates, we worked on some technical updates on performance and usability

We want our eCommerce customers to experience only the best when it comes to usability and as you already know, if you have been following our updates for some time, we put a sizeable chunk of our time into making sure that our online stores are fast and reliable.

You can now have your products listed according to price range. This means if a customer wants to shop according to their budget, they can use the built-in price filter on their dashboard.

While we are on the topic of prices, I would like to add that we added a sales feature to fix the prices of discounts. These fixed prices can obviously also adjust according to the values of different currencies, so your customers can shop without having to convert currencies themselves.

When you add managers to your online store, you can now see if their member status is active or pending. This will allow for better management of your staff.

Before this update, notification mails sent from ShopCircuit online stores have been sent from our info mail adress. You can define the mailing address you want your mails to be sent from, which will streamline your email workflow and this is a whole lot better for publicity as well.  

3. The bugs we squished this month

Our development team has been bug fixing this month, too. This includes fixing bugs on slugs in languages other than English. If you didn't know, we offer our eCommerce service in more languages than English. We can add as many languages to the system as we like, so be rest assured, you can have your shopper's shop in their native tongue.

Security is important to us, so along with those language-related bug fixes, we made some security fixes on our software. We also updated some things when it comes to multi-warehouse and currency features. Shoppers should now have no trouble with having a shopping cart with their selected items and change the currency or warehouse at the same time.

What we will be up to next: 

 We will be busy importing data from existing shop systems. This means that you would be easily able to switch from your existing online store software to ShopCircuit. We are really excited about this since our experienced eCommerce customers will be able to seamlessly switch over, without having to manually add and import tags, categories, and products that already had a place in their previous online store software. Manual configuration would be essential for some components of new Shopcircuit shops, such as payment services, warehouses, shipping methods, and zones, taxes, and content categories or collections.

Along with this importing endeavor, our development team will be working on bulk editing. This feature would allow ShopCircuit webshop owners to select a handful of products and change properties such as the price for all of them at once. Hopefully, this would make the process of editing your online store easier and faster.

The last thing the team would be working on in August (and potentially later), would be product variants. Product variants are things like a variety of a product‘s color, finish, size, storage space (for electronic devices with storage), RAM (also for electronic devices), etc. When this feature is ready to use, your online consumers would have a more seamless experience on your Shopcircuit-powered online store.

As always, we are thankful for every potential client and reader of our monthly updates!
We are excited to work with more clients who also believe in fast, reliable, and custom online store software.
If you have an online store and you are interested in changing to a more sophisticated system, get into contact with us on our home page. We also take in clients who are completely new to eCommerce, so feel free to connect with us, too.