This is what our team has been up to: August 2020

This is what our team has been up to: August 2020

This is what our team has been up to August 2020

We want to start off by thanking our whole team. We thank the developers for every bug you crush (no matter how minor they are), every update you work on, and every new feature you develop. We also thank the marketing side, who’s always thinking about ways for ShopCircuit to improve. And last but not least, we want to thank our CEO and CTO, Adrian and Colin, for pushing forward with this project.

With all that squishy stuff said, let's move on to a summary of what we have been up to in the month of August:

We started implementing regular release cycles of features and/or bug fixes so that our future clients will always have the most up-to-date version of ShopCircuit web software. These releases will be taking place once a week, every Thursday.

Dynamic Navigation

This would provide ShopCircuit online shop owners with the ability to define the navigation completely flexibly from the dashboard. Shop owners would see 'Navigation' in 'Content' in the sidebar within the ShopCircuit dashboard, where they can define navigation items and link them to categories, collections, or external URLs.

Blog Tag Translation

Your online shoppers can translate all blog tags to their native language.

Product Tag Translation

This is similar to blog tag translation. Your online shoppers will be able to translate product tags to their own native language

Picture/photo storage

Store pics right where you need them to be for a clean e-commerce workflow.

Popular Blog Posts Translation bug fix and Cache bug fixes (esp. in tags)

We had bugs, we squished them where it hurt the most.

Fixed order of address in shipping address or billing address step in checkout.

The sequences of addresses used to shuffle with each page reload, but that won’t happen any more thanks to our awesome development team.

Fixed order of shops in the “shops” overview page on the dashboard.

We had a similar issue with the shop's overview page on the dashboard than with the order of addresses (see the previous bullet point). Again, thanks to our development team for fixing that up. (:

We added more unit tests to test our source code.

This may sound like alien developer-talk, but the benefit of unit testing is that we figure out how to produce better and more reliable software solutions for ShopCircuit e-commerce software.

Final update

The storefront is ready to use and bug-free! - This means that we can finally add a demo webshop on our website, for you to test drive before you make a commitment with us and our software.

Thank you for your interest in our e-commerce software. We appreciate every client, partner, and further supporter to make Shopcircuit the best quality, feature-complete e-commerce web software out there. We‘re excited to bring a fully-fledged version of Shopcircuit to the market- so more online shopkeepers can profit from top-quality custom solutions.