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This is what our team has been up to: May 2020

This is what our team has been up to: May 2020

It’s been a productive month at ShopCircuit, we are currently in full development so our team is programming, testing, and performing sorcery what feels like around the clock.

Here is a short and sweet update on what’s been in the works the past month

  • We have been developing multi-currency and multi-warehouse functionality, in order for you to keep track of inventory successfully.
  • We have finished switching tech on the dashboard from Vuex Orm back to Vue Apollo.
  • User interface and, of course, dashboard layout improvements for a seamless experience with ShopCircuit.
  • Security is absolutely important to us, so we’ve been going about unit and integration tests to improve it. Through these tests, we aim for a stable, fully tried, and tested system.

What’s next?

We’ll be adding:

  • more unit tests to improve the reliability of our software. At this stage, our coverage is at 94% with about 1138 tests! For more info on unit tests, check out this tutorial on Gitlab CI pipelines. ( Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for an article all about how we use Gitlab CI, coming soon.)
  • equential order numbers to the platform
  • invoice pdf improvements
  • default tax of shop
  • use celery   for concurrency (this will allow for a faster, more reliable system)
  • sort categories (drag and drop)
  • updated dashboard User Interface (UI)

Some further announcements

  • We will be making a demo shop right ready for you to check out our system before you invest your time and money. Keep an eye out on our social media, Linkedin and Facebook, for when we launch it!

As always, a heartfelt thank you for supporting our work.

We feel that ShopCircuit is yet to become an irreplaceable service to those experienced in the field of e-commerce. Without customers who believe in ShopCircuit, we cannot continue our work as professional sorcerers.