We like to keep you up to date on what we are up to! Check out our latest features and developments below.

This is what our team has been up to: April 2020

This is what our team has been up to: April 2020

Quick Announcements

  • We’ve successfully launched our very first online shop J’COCOS made entirely with ShopCircuit! Check it out here.
  • New Dashboard layout updates makes it easy to keep online shops up to date.
  • We added Bank transfer as a new payment service, making it even easier to shop online with ShopCircuit stores now.

Recent additions to ShopCircuit

  • You can now create sales for one or multiple products - It is possible to reduce a product price by a fixed value or percentage to make sales easier
  • Multiple tax categories available
  • CMS content is possible
  • Customers can now review your product straight on your webshop
  • More Payment methods have been added. These being: Stripe and Datatrans, more are coming soon!
  • E-Mail template updates have been made
  • You can add a blog on your webshop now, attracting more eyes to your site.
  • Newsletter service: stop wasting time on expensive newsletter services and do it right on your site.
  • All api endpoints deliver translated content

What is the team working on?

As you’re reading this, the team is working on:

  • The release of the first beta version of our service to the community
  • Multi-warehouse inventory functionality
  • Product attributes
  • Product variants
  • Gift cards & Discount codes
  • To sell digital products with no delivery
  • Analytics Integration

Thanks for checking in with us, we appreciate your interest in our work!