October 2020: Monthly Update

October 2020: Monthly Update
Hi there! Thanks for tunin‘ in for another update for project ShopCircuit.


  1. Short intro on ShopCircuit
  2. What we have been up to
  3. Thank you!

A short introduction to ShopCircuit eCommerce software:

Before I announce what the ShopCircuit devs have been up to for the month of October (2020), I would like to give you a short introduction to what ShopCircuit is, to jog your memory if you have followed us for a while already, and to give you a comprehensive idea of what we do if you are new around here.

So, briefly put, ShopCircuit is a web development project by Pyango GmbH (our mother web dev company). The goal behind ShopCircuit is to get affordable, bs-free e-commerce software out there into the big wide world to those webshop owners tired of the hassle and non-customizable nature of the most popular eCommerce software.

If this tickles your interest, read further to find out what our developers have been working on during the month of Halloween.
Sidenote: If you are interested in more updated posts like this one, feel free to visit previous blog posts on our website.

What we have been up to:

Using Picture Server

We've developed a picture delivery server that allows us to separate image processing from the backend and reduce the load on our python application when images are being requested with different sizes. It's a mouthful, but the benefit of this is that it makes development for the frontend simpler since the frontend can request the exact sizes of pictures they need for the correct screen size and resolution. This has a great impact on the performance because only the most optimum pictures are requested for the devices they are viewed on. This means whether you or your customers check out your ShopCircuit eCommerce website on their mobile phones, tablets/iPads, or whatever screen they choose, it will always look good and work well.

Sort values of attributes API

ShopCircuit shop owners can now sort attributed on the Dashboard. This means, for example, that you can have a list of sizes and also define the correct order in which they should be displayed.

Sort Product Attributes

Sorting the product attributes itself is possible as well. This will be useful for the order of filters shown on the shop, making your online customer‘s experience seamless.

Sort Variant Attributes

This is the same concept as under "sort product attributes", but only on product variants.

uWSGI replaced with Gunicorn web server

This is a performance improvement. We replaced https://uwsgi-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ with https://gunicorn.org/

User verification is optional in registration now

We added a feature to make it possible for shop owners to decide if the user registration validation is required or optional.
This allows shop users that enter the email on your online shop to either continue right away or have to check their email account and click on the email verification link that we send.
For security reasons, the validation link will be sent in both cases.

Attribute filtration on products

It's possible to filter products on the attributes that are added to the products and product variants. This means that your online shoppers can define their search filters based on product attributes and find products on your webshop related to that attribute. This will make searching for products easier and pleasant for the buyer.

Soft delete important data

Don‘t stress! Your data won't be lost right away if you delete it with ShopCircuit eCommerce software. A soft delete allows you to not delete any important data like products or CMS blocks permanently in the case that you want to recover some data.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for supporting ShopCircuit by keeping up with the development process. We cannot wait to get our webshop software out there and in the hands of those webshop owners tired of the norm!
Kind Regards from the whole ShopCircuit team.