A breakdown of development for this month

November 2020: Monthly Update

November 2020: Monthly Update


  1. What is ShopCircuit?
  2. What we’ve been up to this month
  3. The Storefront
  4. The Backend
  5. The Dashboard

November has been a busy month in the development of ShopCircuit. We have worked on the following three major areas of the ShopCircuit e-commerce platform: the storefront, the backend, and the platform dashboard.
Before we get into the specifics, here’s a quick introduction if you don’t know ShopCircuit e-commerce yet.

What is ShopCircuit?

Shopcircuit is an all-feature-inclusive e-commerce platform in development by Pyango GmbH.
We are a small group of developers and like-minded people approaching e-commerce from a holistic and humanist angle. We aim at getting great e-commerce software into the hands of online shop owners who want to focus on customer experience, efficiency, and transparency. It is important to us to right the wrongs that we have experienced first-hand in the e-commerce industry.
If you would like to find out more, feel free to browse our website or contact us.

What we‘ve been up to this month

The Storefront

Fact is that you and your customers constantly interact with the storefront, which is why it’s important for it to have all the functionalities you need. Read on further to see what we have done this month to make the ShopCircuit storefront more useful.

Guest checkout

Your online shoppers can shop on your store without the commitment. They don’t have to register or log in to buy something from you, which we think a lot of shoppers would prefer.

Easy registration after shopping

Users who already shopped as guests can change their minds and register to become users on your online store by simply entering a password.

Links and pages for branded products

If you are selling a branded product, you can add a link to the brand that will appear in the product details page when you or your online shoppers search for it. You can also give the brand its own page on your shop website which would allow for listing more products from that specific brand.

Filter products by attributes

In September, we added the feature of having product attributes and variants in ShopCircuit stores. (For more info on that see our September development update) This month, we added the feature to be able to filter products on your store based on those attributes.

On the more technical side of the Storefront development:

We updated our NuxtJS package

In a nutshell, we placed the stuff in our package that other developers would be able to use to develop their frontends when ShopCircuit goes live. They will be able to do this by using our frontend components. For this update, we added all the released features for November to our package.

The Backend

Even though users don’t ever see your backend, it’s just as important since it is what will make your ShopCircuit online stores run buttery-smooth. We put a lot of work into the backend since we want it to be great. Take a look at what we’ve worked on in the backend this month down below. (:

We integrated the features mentioned in the storefront section of this post. (Guest checkout, registration after shopping and brand integration)

Partial deliveries

You don’t have to send everything at once! With partial deliveries, you can split orders up into separate deliveries with their own tracking link and codes.

Bulk deletion

You can select multiple items on your online store and delete them at once. This will make things go faster rather than having to delete each item manually.

Bulk editing

We do not have a use case for bulk editing just yet, but we implemented it in the backend anyway for a future feature.

Bulk duplication

You can select multiple entities at once and duplicate them.

Brand APIs (CRUD)

Brand management was added to the dashboard (and thus backend). This will allow for deletion, addition, and general editing of brands.

Product search by Stock Keeping Units (SKU)

You can now search your inventory by SKU’s, which would make your inventory management a breeze. If you aren’t sure what Stock Keeping Units are, check out this post in our technical dictionary.

Newsletter usability enhancements

We implemented a newsletter API (Application Programmable Interface) to enhance ease of use on the dashboard. We’ll get more into what we did with it down below under “dashboard”. We also developed the backend to support the exportation of newsletter subscription data to CSV files. This would make it easy for you to keep track of who gets your newsletters.

The Dashboard

The backend and the dashboard features added to this month’s update of ShopCircuit e-commerce software go hand in hand, so we won’t bore you too much with things we have already mentioned above, but we will list them for the sake of consistency. 

  • Partial deliveries are now possible
  • Bulk deletion, editing, and duplication
  • This will make the general management of your online stores much more simple.
  • New newsletter enhancements

As mentioned in the “backend” section of this post, we implemented a newsletter API. We did this to allow for all newsletter subscriptions to be shown in one place, right on your shopkeeper dashboard. Also, you can export all that newsletter subscription data as CSV files.

We fixed a couple of dashboard-related bugs, namely:

  1. Bugfix for login validation button in Google Chrome
  2. Minor bugfix on scrolling through shipping zone countries
  3. “Select fixed currency” bug was squished

As always, thank you for keeping track of the development of ShopCircuit e-commerce. We can’t wait for our software to be released. Keep your eyes peeled 👀 next January for a live demo.