This is what ShopCircuit‘s been doing in January 21‘

January 2021: Monthly Update

January 2021: Monthly Update

Without further ado, here‘s a summary of what we busied ourselves with this first month of 2021.


  • How we benefitted from the pandemic and many thank you‘s to our team.
  • Summary of development January 2021
  • Website updates
  • The first ShopCircuit driven store to be in business

It's been a rough year, guys... no doubt. But 2020 did not discourage our team, instead, we would say the opposite.

Thanks to the pandemic we have had more time to spend developing ShopCircuit into the project we envision it to become, we are thankful for the time we have had to make small steps towards success. We also want to thank everyone involved in ShopCircuit‘s development for the constant support, hard work, and positive vision throughout these unprecedented times. We hope for another great year in development, with many milestones to reach. I‘ll go into detail about what we envision for the rest of this year in another post.

  • Demo Shop:
    You can soon create your own demo shop with full features of a fully-fledged dashboard and storefront to check all the features of SC before you invest yourself.
  • Down Time to absolute Zero / Load Balancer:
    We are currently working on our load balancer so that you won‘t have any downtime when we deploy new features to ShopCircuit or when we are updating our system.
  • More control over your finances:
    You can have it easy with ShopCIrcuit by creating your invoices right from your shop owner control center. ShopCIrcuit online stores can have their own invoice templates and owners can thus create custom invoice PDFS for their customers.
  • Get closer in touch with your customers:
    We added a phone number to addresses like shipping address and billing address, so users can enter their phone number when they make an order.
  • The bugs our development team squashed:
    ixed bug of the sender in mails, now all mails of SC are sent from the mail that shop owners set in the dashboard and also fixed bug for searching in different languages in product names.

We made some exciting updates to our website

  • Finally, our website is multilingual!
    Namely both our native tongue (German) as well as our second proficient language (English). We thank our team for scripting and translating the updated website.
  • Enhanced content
    When you are searching the internet for options to create your own online store, you want ALL the info quickly, and without stress. We hope to achieve this with our new website update by providing you with all of the necessary information you need to get started with your own online store as soon as possible and as successfully as possible. Transparency is super-duper important to us, so your questions about ShopCircuit will never go unanswered. By the way, If you have a specific question or interest and you can't friend the info you are looking for on our website, feel free to drop us a line or send in an FAQ.
  • Better user interface and navigation
    We want to inspire the traffic on our website to build their brand and make their mark with a trusty ShopCircuit online store. We hope to achieve this by impressing you enough through our improved interfaces and navigation (;
  • A fresher, cleaner look.
    The current website was getting old and did not serve our purposes optimally anymore, so we decided to freshen it up with better visuals and a more premium feel. Good content deserves to look as good as it reads!

tParts: The very first fully-fledged, living, breathing online store driven with ShopCircuit

  • We will be putting our software to the test by starting our own online store called tParts, where we sell real products to real people. This shop should act as a catalyst for change in the system when we notice things don‘t run as smoothly as they should. Through having and running our own online store with our own system, we can learn through doing and make improvements where they are needed so that you can have the best quality eCommerce experience possible.
  • This online store will be ready for liftoff very soon if you are interested to know more about this shop you can contact us (:

PS: If you find our work intriguing, please do check out the rest of our blog and website for lots of more interesting eCommerce-related content. We wish you all the best for the year ahead and may all your eCommerce ventures be successful and may your work bloom and grow this year!
Warms Regards, the whole team at ShopCircuit