Headless technology: A quick guide and why it’s ideal for online shops

Headless technology: A quick guide and why it’s ideal for online shops

What is headless technology?

In a nutshell, a headless architecture entails a Content Management System or CMS for short, that stores and delivers content (your shop content) without a front-end* (head), leaving only the back-end*.

*The “front-end” in software engineering, is the presentation layer and the “back-end” is the data access layer.  The data access layer is important for a website to work correctly, that being concerned with things like databases, servers, and lots of code.

How does it work?

With the front end removed, it is a whole lot easier to deliver products, product reviews, blog posts or any form of content you wish to be on your webshop to the consumer on their device of choice.
Developers do this using API’s (Application Program Interfaces) which are sets of protocol and tools specifying how the software components should interact.

Why is headless software used for e-commerce?

As consumer technology develops, we acquire new ways of interacting with e-commerce platforms. New shopping formats are thus on the rise as sellers find new and innovative ways of implementing the shopping experience to consumers online.

Products are offered via a plethora of digital means. Your phone, tablet, iPad, wearables, heck, nowadays you can even shout to Alexa when you’ve run out of toilet paper and she’ll spare you the trip to the grocery store.

Headless software is used to allow for your customer to interact with your webshop on whatever device they want, essentially improving user experience and making customers happy.

After all, it feels pretty awesome to double-tap on your Apple Watch and have the delivery guy knock at your door a few hours later.

Switching to headless for existing online shops

If your shop isn’t headless yet, this means that you have a predefined front-end which is firmly connected with the back-end. Your customers are thus left only being able to interact with your shop via websites and native mobile apps.

The benefits of headless software is great for shopkeepers, and every existing e-commerce business would get to point at which they should consider switching to a headless architecture.

Besides, your customers would be impressed and your developers would thank you for not screwing on your head too tightly.

How to switch:

There are a handful of eCommerce services that offer a headless approach, ShopCircuit being one of them. If you’re interested in switching your existing online shop to headless, contact us and we‘ll get back to you with our solutions. (: