February 2021: Monthly Update

We hope that you LOVE our new website!

February 2021: Monthly Update

Published: a month ago by K.Wirz

Happy Valentines month! For this month of love, we would like to thank you for reading our progress update blogs. If you are new to ShopCircuit, see what these updates are written for below.



A bit on why we publish these monthly update blogs.

We use our blog section as a place where we can share all the details of what the development team of ShopCircuit eCommerce is up to within each month. Transparency is part of our mantra, so we try to keep you as informed as possible, while providing a place for anyone interested in ShopCircuit to do their own research on us. We like to think of these blogs as a sort of progress journal-entry. (: WIth no further ado, lets get into what‘s been happening around here in February 2021.


Changes on the Pyango website

  • We added jobs page and let people apply to join our mother company: https://pyango.ch/jobs
    Through us having added this page to the Pyango website, we have profitted from the work of two new co-workers at Pyango, and thus also ShopCircuit.
    If you do not know us that well yet, ShopCircuit runs under a mother-company, Pyango. ShopCircuit is an ambitious project of the team at Pyango. Pyango specialises in webdesign, website building and the development of web apps.


Changes and updates to the ShopCircuit website:

  • Added customer request beta form
  • Added search for features
  • Added search for FAQs
  • Website redesign
    Our ShopCircuit website needed a serious redesign, with better user experience (UX), more informative pages and overall improvements in design. We are proud of our fresh, new look. We‘ll let you know on our social medias as soon as our updated website is online.

Development progress for ShopCircuit eCommerce

  • Pay as you go is on the way! (not completed, but it will be finished next month)
  • We implemented a new infrastructure (server and configs etc.) to improve the experience of our users.
  • Considered weight of items in shipping methods
  • Now its possible to search in customer's firstname,last name and emails all right from the shopkeeper dashboard.
  • Tested and fixed bugs for having more reliable software.
  • Fixed bug for guest users in orders history.
  • Fixed quantity bug in product detail page of Storefront.
  • Improved filtration and added pagination to route for better UX.
  • Fixed bug of user basket.


That‘s it for this month! Stick around to see what we worked on for the month of March 2021.

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