Easy e-commerce strategies every new online business owner should know

Easy e-commerce strategies every new online business owner should know

The magic words are purchase and conversion funnels. In this post, we’ll tell you about the most popular funnels there are in the industry.

Conversion funnels are, so to say, an umbrella technical term for such marketing operations. “Conversion” refers to the navigation of customers from various sources on the internet to eventually convert to a sale. The importance of this lies within its magic to transfer all those views, impressions, and sessions on your shop/site to eventually selling your product (or service).

While we’re discussing funnels, we have to mention the clever metaphor. A “funnel” tapers gradually from top to bottom, creating its distinct shape. Now, why this name is so applicable to the marketing term is that it refers to the stages you transition through advertising online.

A funnel can be broken into three stages, so to say: “Upper funnel”, “middle funnel” and “lower funnel”. A thorough study from the Pennsylvania State University shows that upper funnel keywords generates greater conversion for first-time users than middle or lower funnel keywords, what this means for you will be discussed after we considered AIDA.

The famous AIDA

A lot of us might have learned this principle in middle school, but don’t let that fool you- this model yields SEO-wizardry you can only benefit from, especially if you are new in the industry. By the way, In my own experience, using the AIDA model works for just about anything you write professionally online, may it be ads, headlines, blog posts, and of course, for selling.

The model rings as follow:
A-   Awareness
I-   Interest
D-   Desire
A-   Action

Create awareness by informing your target customer about your product. (This works for services, too) Spark their interest by offering them a juicy benefit, best is to be ultra-specific here. Through your evocation of interest, a glint of desire might arise and through stimulating this desire with a clear call to action, you hit the jackpot!

Here’s a really great example of AIDA I came across while browsing Apple’s website, upon the release of their new 2020 iPhone SE:

Attention: A clear, bold "iPhone SE", indicating the release of a new Apple product.

Interest: "Lots to love. Less to spend" telling us that there’s a lot to be excited about for this new iPhone.

Desire: On top of this new phone having "lots to love" Trade-ins are possible and it saves you a whole 100$. A contract is also a possibility, with the low price being a very attractive option.

Action: Very clear calls to action with "learn more" and of course, "buy" for those who can’t wait to have the product in their hands.

Although the success of your webshop is dependant on various factors, using the AIDA model undoubtedly improves sales while upping professional marketing easily.
Now to get right to the point, AIDA is a conversion funnel strategy which, as we mentioned before, can be split up into the upper, middle, and lower funnel stages. This means, “awareness” keywords cost less and generate more sales than “action” calls, which is great news for your sponsored ad campaigns on google ads and platforms as such. It also counts for on-page optimisation since it creates a sense of professional and sympathetic marketing, all the while serving your business well and converting those ads into sales.

Now go try these tips for yourself and see how your ad campaigns suddenly become worth the while. Doing your own industry-specific research does not hurt either, we suggest doing further research if you find this topic interesting, since we have only touched the very surface in this article.

Happy marketing and we wish you a successful professional future! (:

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