About us

Who we are

We are a small group of developers and like-minded people approaching e-commerce from a holistic and humanistic point of view.

What we do

We aim at getting great e-commerce software into the hands of online shop owners who want to focus on customer experience, efficiency, and transparency. It is our greatest priority to right the wrongs that we have experienced first-hand in the e-commerce industry. To achieve this, we work like to work closely with our users, and we remain open to constant improvement in our software and customer support.


Colin Wirz


Hossein Hashemi


Mehdi Javidan

Team Lead

Jacob Sadollahi

Backend Developer

Somayeh Ebrahimi

Frontend Developer

Roya Farrokhzade

UI/UX Designer

Mahdi Khashan

QA Engineer

Daniel Kaviyani

Frontend Developer